Girls vs lifes expectations

Updated: Sep 17, 2018

As a woman, a mother of three girls and a passionate advocate of teaching our young girls about the strength that lies within each of them. I’ve always believed teaching girls to embrace and use their untapped power will change their lives immensely. That untapped power will change their present, and their future for the better.

Unfortunately, we live in a crazed, image-saturated world and we are unable to avoid the key challenges confronting girls on a daily basis. Such as unrealistic expectations, harmful social norms and stereotypes, mixed messages, and how society continues to perpetuate unattainable ideals.

In this so-called age of girl power, we still live in a world that teaches girls to judge their worth based on looks rather than abilities. Girls have so many standards to meet and are put under so much pressure by themselves and society.

At a young age, a girl starts to feel the need to stand out just to get even the slightest recognition. In other words, girls get mixed messages that they should be themselves but be perfect too. Let us be honest this constant need to live life while constantly needing someone else's approval to be happy is exhausting and emotionally draining. This has become a problem for girls because of the expectations society has for them.

There’s a lot of debate revolving around the empowerment of girls but I think the real empowerment lies in being true to yourself. Girl’s empowerment is on the rise and girls need to understand the power that comes from embracing and believing in their own self-value and worth, especially their ability to make decisions and choices.

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