A letter from a mother that wants a better tomorrow

It’s no secret that mothers are a girl’s first role model, which is why it is so important to ensure that we teach our girls to be empowered early on through our words, actions, and behaviours. Since I've had my daughters, I think more and more about what the future holds for them, as girls. Each passing day the list of things I worry about and things I want them to avoid gets bigger and bigger. But most of all, there are so many things I wish for them. I pray daily for a time when my three girls, and other amazing young women like them, will never be treated as different because of their gender.

As their mum, and as a woman, ultimately, I just hope when they are grown, that I have done my job right. That I have raised them with empathy, confidence, intelligence and grace. I want them to see that my ambition, my work and my relentless refusal to give up is paving the way for them and the generation after them, just as my mother, my aunts, and grandmothers did for me.

It is through my journey of raising my daughters that I’m learning to discover my true passions in life and to tackle them fearlessly.

A letter to my Daughters on International women's day

Dear Ope, Shewa & Tayo,

The first time I held you three, my world shifted and changed forever. All thoughts and decisions I made became about you. I wanted to give you the foundation you would need to become the greatest “you” possible. I wanted to experience the amazing and diverse cultures with you and help you three understand that the world is much larger than you and I.

I want you three to find ways to challenge yourself continuously, and don't be afraid to try new things, because this is how you will grow and blossom as the years go by. Choosing to do something outside of your comfort zone will ignite talents you didn't know you had. Broaden your thinking and better understand your true potential and I hope you will come to realise that it is your heart and your mind that will set the world on fire.

Some will like you and some will not, but don't you DARE ever question yourself because I know one day you will join the ranks of the women we acknowledge today.

Happy International Women’s day. x

Love you always ,


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